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Natural Sciences


Session Chair – NS01
Prof. Rohana Mahalianaarachchi is the present Vice-Chancellor of the University of Visual and Performing Arts and former Vice-Chancellor of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka


Session Chair – NS02
A Senior Professor attach the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka and the Head, Postgraduate Research & Development in the Faculty of Agriculture, as well BR
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
SICASH 2020 – Natural Sciences – Session I
NS1-1 Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene and Wrapping Material on Shelf-Life and Postharvest Qualities of Spine Gourd (Momordica Dioica)


Wijesinghe, G.P.M

Kumara, G.D.K , Kumara, J.B.D.A.P

NS1-2 Newly Introduced Creeper Legume Vigna Marina as A Solution for Protection of Road Cuts In Sri Lanka


De Silva, M.H.S.C

Yapa, P.I. and Mahatantile,W.D.K.

NS1-3 Phenotypic Plasticity Index as A Tool to Assess the Suitability of Three Coleus (Plectranthusscutellarioides (L.) R.Br.) Varieties in Low-Maintenance Landscaping


Kodithuwakkuge, V. N

Padmaperuma, O. A. D., Gunathilake, G. K. D. C. S., Liyanage, L. P. H., Krishnarajah S. A. and Beneragama, C. K.

NS1-4 Multilocational Evaluation of Growth and Antioxident Content of Curly Kale (Brassica oleracea L. var acephala) and Chinese Kale (Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra) in Sri Lanka


Chamara, R.M.S.R

Jayasooriya, R. Y, Gunathilake, G.K.D.C.S., Liyanage, L.P.H., Beneragama, C.K

NS1-5 Electrochemical Evaluation of Delayed Release Behaviour of Diclofenac Sodium Tablets


Sewwandi, A.A.M

Soysa, H. Sasimali M

NS1-6 Growth Parameters and Grain Yield of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) as Affected by Biofilm Biofertilizer Application


Ketipearachchi, K.G

Seneviratne, G., and D.L.C.K. Fonseka

NS1-7 Case Study on Safety Culture in Chemical Laboratories in Western Province, Sri Lanka


Samaranayake, A.D.A.I

Nishadya, S.M.S. and Jayasundara, U.K

NS1-8 Zno Nanoparticles Deposited on Gamboge (Garcinia Gummi-Gutta L.) Based Activated Carbon for Removal of Phenol from Synthetic Wastewater


Nadeeshani, M.LN

Edussuriya, M

NS1-9 The Use of Colour Shade Material in Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum L) Propagation


Jayasinghe, J.A.T.U

Wickramanayake, D.S.D.D.S.1, and Kirthisinghe, J.P

NS1-10 Impact of Spacing and Type of planting material on Dry Matter Percentage in Cinnamon Bark; at the stage of first Harvest


Aluthgamage, H
SICASH 2020 – Natural Sciences – Session II
NS2-1 Identification of SNP-Allelic Polymorphism Based Changes in Two Salt Responsive Proteins, Na+ H+ ANTIPORTER 4 and GLUTAREDOXIN 24 Between Two Rice Varieties


Abhayawickrama, B.P

Hanchapola, C.R., Kottearachchi, N.S., and Gimhani, D.R

NS2-2 Molecular Phylogeny of Rasboroides (Family Cyprinidae): An Endemic Freshwater Fish Species in Sri Lanka


Lankika, S.P.C

Herath, V

NS2-3 Review on Methods of Explant Surface Sterilization for Efficient Micropropagation


Hemathilake, H.M

Peiris, S.E

NS2-4 Effects of Silver Nitrate in In Vitro Establishment of Cordyline Fruticosa (L.) CV ‘Purple Compacta Tri Colour’ with CSUP Media Sterilization


Peiris, S.E

Hemathilaka, Heshika and Peiris, Colin N., Wijerathna, A.W

NS2-5 In Vitro Root Induction and Acclimatization of Cissampelos pareira: An Important Medicinal Plant


De Silva, D.C.M


NS2-6 Callus Induction Protocol for Aegle Marmelos (L.) Corr. (Beli) through Seeds Explants


Hansani, S.A.N.P

Fonseka, D.L.C. K.

NS2-7 Improvement of the Survival Rate of In Vitro Propagated Dendrobium Intermediate CV ‘White’ during Acclimatization


Isaac, P.N

Peiris, S.E

NS2-8 Production of Disease Free Rumohra Adiantiformis (Leatherleaf Fern) Using In Vitro Propagation


Perera, D

Peiris, S.E

NS2-9 An Efficient Plant Regeneration using Leaf Explant for Osbeckia Octandra (L.) DC; A Valuable Medicinal and Ornamental Plant


Dilrukshi S. K. Nagahatenna

Sriyani E. Peiris

July 13, 2021
July 13, 2021