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The Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of SLIIT proudly announces SICASH 2024, the annual research conference of the faculty, which will be held for the fifth consecutive year embracing the theme “Shaping the Future through Smart Research”.


SICASH 2024 accepts papers from renowned and emerging scholars, both local and international, to showcase their subject-specific and multidisciplinary research in the areas of Applied Sciences, Education, English Language and Literature, Law, Mathematics and Statistics, Nursing and Health Sciences and Psychology.

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Full Paper Submission Deadline:

21st July 2024

Paper Acceptance Notification:

 31st August 2024

Deadline for Submission of Camera-Ready Copy:

10th September 2024

Note: For any further details or issues related to the Full Paper submission process, please email or call: 
011 754 39 34
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Applied Sciences


  • Recent developments in Molecular biology and microbiology 
  • New trends in tissue culture and tissue engineering 
  • Future drugs and drug delivery systems 
  • Featuring techniques in environmental remediation 
  • Innovative applications in food technology 
  • Advanced materials for a better future 
  • Chemical and biochemical applications for a better future 


  • Curriculum Development 
  • Learning and Assessment 
  • Education for 21st Century 
  • Education Management 
  • ICT and Education 
  • Instructional Design 
  • Comparative and International Education 
  • Education for Social cohesion 
  • Professional Development of Education Personnel
English Language and Literature


  • Innovative Methods in English Language Teaching and Learning  
  • ESL Teacher and Learner Identity  
  • Portrayal of inclusivity and diversity in world literature  
  • Inclusive ESL Classroom: Politics, Challenges and Implications  
  • Incorporating Technology in Language Teaching and Learning  
  • Innovative Approaches to Teaching Literature  
  • Tropes of Decolonization in Contemporary English Literature  
  • Multidisciplinary humanities  
  • Learning Experiences, Student Learning and Learner Diversity  
  • Educational Psychology  

Sub areas:

  • Public Law 
  • Private and Comparative Law 
  • Commercial Law 
  • Public International Law 
  • Information and Communication Technology Law 
Mathematics and Statistics


  • Actuarial Mathematics 
  • Financial Mathematics 
  • Numerical Analysis 
  • Graph Theory 
  • Risk Analysis 
  • Climate Analysis 
  • Operational Research 
  • Data Science 
  • Statistical Learning 
  • Mathematical and Statistical Modelling 
  • Econometrics 
  • Time Series Analysis 
  • Multivariate Data Mining 
  • Machine Learning 
Nursing and Health Sciences


  • Clinical Nursing 
  • Nursing Education 
  • Nursing Management 
  • Community Health 
  • Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • Pharmacotherapeutics 
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 
  • Radiotherapy 
  • Medical Laboratory Science 


  • Clinical and Counselling Psychology 
  • Work Psychology 
  • Sports and Exercise Psychology 
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology 
  • Social and Cultural Psychology 
  • Health and Wellbeing 
Poster Track

Abstracts are invited for the Poster session from all above tracks.  

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